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Law Team

Meet Our Law Team


Dublas Paniagua

Founder & Managing Attorney

About Dublas

Mr. Paniagua is the founder of SoCal-Attorneys and seeks to provide a service above


Mr. Dublas O. Paniagua is a member of the State Bar of California, American Bar
Association and is licensed to practice in the United States District Court for Central
District of California. Mr. Paniagua graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law, in
San Diego, California. During law school Mr. Paniagua was awarded the Witkin Award
for Academic Excellence in Torts. Witkin award is given to the student designated by
the school as attaining the highest grade in the course.
Mr. Paniagua continues to promote the highest standards and innovative thinking in his

In addition to practicing law, Mr. Paniagua is a licensed real estate mortgage lender. Mr.
Paniagua has counseled many real estate agents on the contractual pitfalls leading to
real estate litigation. He has participated in mediation and litigation relating to real estate
matters. Mr. Paniagua’s broad knowledge and background in law and real estate
provide global and comprehensive representation to effectively meet the diverse needs
of his clients.


Thomas Jefferson School of Law (2014)
Long Beach State University (2009)

United States District Court for Central District of California
State Bar of California
American Bar Association


Macyh Nawaey

Of Counsel Attorney

About Macyh

Macyh Nawaey is not your average attorney. Even before law school he knew that he

would open his own law practice and build a strong reputation in the legal community.

He has the courage, knowledge and ability to perform at a level above his peers.


Mr. Nawaey has been awarded a Superb rating by AVVO, which is the highest level of

rating awarded by AVVO. He has also been awarded the Clients’ Choice Award based

on the reviews of his past clients.

Mr. Nawaey spends his free time with his family. Family support is the reason he has

been so successful in a short period of time. Mr. Nawaey is committed to giving back to

his community and helping those in need. He supports charities and foundations which

focus on poverty and international human rights.



Thomas Jefferson School of Law (2014)

University of California, San Diego ( 2011)



United States District Court for the Southern District of California

Consumer Attorneys of San Diego

State Bar of California

American Bar Association

Over the years, our commitment to excellence and passion for our clients has been recognized.