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Establishing Guardianship

Don’t Wait to Plan for the Care of Your Children

Guardianship is the practice of determining a new caregiver for your minor children should you become incapacitated and unable to care for them or should you pass away before they are legal adults. It may seem devastating to think of a future for your children that doesn’t involve you, but it is often wise to plan ahead just in case a tragic event should occur. When you call SoCal-Attorneys, APC, the firm’s estate planning lawyers can help you identify your family’s needs and draft the appropriate documents for their protection.

Adding Guardianship to a Will

It is often best to establish guardianship in your will. You can include a paragraph in the document discussing where you would like your children to go should you pass away. You may want to designate a family member, such as a sibling or a parent, to take care of the children.

You also may want to consider designating a trusted family friend who you believe could be a good godparent. When this guardianship provision is carefully included in a will that has been signed and witnessed, it will be the guiding plan if an unfortunate incident occurs.

Creating Trusts for Minor Children

In addition to adding guardianship to your will, it may be wise to funnel all of your possessions into trusts. Doing so can help you provide for your children by designating a trustee who can apportion the funds out of the trusts to them based on your instructions. This arrangement ensures that your children will be financially cared for after you pass away.