James N.


“I highly recommend this firm to anyone who has had a nightmare situation like myself in a car accident. A group of friends and I were in a rideshare when some drunk girl, went the wrong way and collided with our car head-on. To make the situation even worse, she didn’t have any auto insurance!!!! My friends and I were injured and I owed medical debts because of this accident. I did not have any health insurance at that time so I was very stressed out! I did not know how I was going to pay for my bills. I was recommended by a friend who has used SoCal Attorneys before her accident and I was glad I did. The attorneys at SoCal were fierce and knowledgeable. They forced the rideshare company’s insurance to compensate me when I could not do on my own. That company repeatedly told me that they wouldn’t pay me a cent even though I was injured while using their services.  Frustrating? I know! They even made it seem like it was my fault somehow. I was able to get my medical paid and even recover some more for my pain and suffering. I do not suggest dealing with an insurance company directly because they will try to bully you. The attorneys handled everything which took away a lot of stress and inconvenience for me. Thank you SoCal Attorneys!!!”

Clark C. USMC Veteran


“After a motorcycle accident in February 2018 I did not know how to proceed with making a proper claim with my insurance. The rider who caused the accident was going after me for reparations, even though it was his fault. I then reached out to SoCal Attorneys whom I had used for my DUI expungement, to help me with this matter. My attorney, Jimmy Nguyen, provided me the guidance on how to handle the situation, Jimmy worked effortlessly to create an unbeatable case for me. The evidence they compiled and the work they had done made it a winning case. Therefore, for the other party’s insurance withdrew from attempting to take me to court. Instead, they were the one who ended up having to pay the maximum amount of their insured’s policy. This win was such a big relief because I am from out of state and did not know what to expect and I was very worried after I had found out that the other party was going after me and blame the whole accident on me. I am so grateful SoCal Attorneys who worked closely with me and making sure things went smoothly.”



I am beyond grateful not only for the professionalism and invaluable experience that Dublas and Jimmy brought to my case but also for their thoughtfulness, compassion, and kindness to my concerns & fears during my situation. The outcome of my case was beyond my expectations and I would highly recommend their services to anyone that may need help! Thank you again!